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  • "Can you help? I have a stray cat on my property that I need picked up ASAP because of weather or medical concerns." 

    • WWR is a private non-profit organization and does not have a facility to immediately rescue stray or feral cats. You can help the animal by bringing them inside, taking them to Animal Control, or boarding them at a vet's office until a rescue can take them in.

  • "Where is your facility?"
    • WWR does not have a facility. Instead we operate across a network of foster homes and are a partner with Hollywood Feed.  
  • "Can I visit the cats in person?"
    • Yes! We have partnered with Hollywood Feed to hold weekly adoption events every weekend. Please visit the Come Meet Our Cats page for a full listing of dates, locations, times, and cats that will be attending.
    • Note: We do not take all of the  available cats to events. Please send us an email ( to request a meeting with a  specific animal. 
  • "What does the adoption fee include?"
    • The adoption fee includes--at a minimum--a veterinary exam, spay or neuter, a blood test for FIV/FeLV/HW, vaccination(s) that are appropriate for the age of the cat, de-worming, and flea preventative. These services would cost between $200-$400 for a cat adopted from Facebook, Craigslist, the newspaper, or other non-rescue resources.
  • "What if my current cat does not get along with the cat I just adopted?"
    • We accept cats adopted from WWR back into our program for any reason. However, it may take a while for cats to learn to cohabitate peacefully, and WWR recommends at least a two-week wait to see how your new cat or kitten fits into the family. For more information on how to safely introduce a new cat to your family, please read the following tips from the Humane Society of the United States.
  • " Will you accept owner surrenders?" 
    • WWR will accept owner surrenders if: (1) we have the capacity to accept the cat, and (2) it is either already sterilized or you will pay for sterilization costs.
    • WWR Owner Surrender Form is available here

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